Master Reiki & Qigong Instructor, Ron Hicks

Ron Hicks has always been keenly interested in wellness, and learning methods to help
others improve their health. He received a BSc in Biology/Anatomy at U.W.O. and
worked as a Specialist Physicians’ Assistant in the department of Pathology at St.
Joseph’s Hospital for 26 years. For many years he has studied a variety of
complementary health techniques. He worked up to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher
and has his own practice.

For 20 years, Ron has volunteered doing Reiki at Wellspring Cancer Support Centre. In addition, he studied several levels of Therapeutic Touch, numerous meditation techniques. yoga and acupressure. He has been practicing Tai Chi for 19 years and Qigong for 25 years, and has taught both at the Phoenix Tai Chi Centre and within the Community. He has been teaching Qigong virtually to members of the Fibromyalgia Group of London weekly since January 2021. Ron found these are powerful exercises which people could use to produce better health and has adapted movements to match the level of the clients. He also has Sound Healing Certification and as a singer knows the “healing” potential of the voice.

Ron’s Qigong and Tai Chi movements are powerful yet simple techniques of slow body movements  to circulate and balance our energy, focusing on air ,water ,wood , different parts of our anatomy, and feelings. Energy centers, called chakras, of the body eliminate any stagnant energy, stored as pain or negative thoughts, to heal as well as circulate our energy to feel alive and  kicking, lighter and  better. My heart is full of gratitude to Ron!

Bina I., Toronto, Ontario

Ron is truly a caring instructor who is quite generous in sharing healing information, and he has lots! After a year of attending his weekly sessions, I can do a Qigong routine everyday, to the best of my abilities. This has helped my physical symptoms and pain quite a lot!

Laura W., London, Ontario

Thank you Ron for your time. I have practiced meditation and mindfulness but never learned Qigong. Learning Qigong has enhanced mind-body-spirit for me and provided another valuable tool to manage my chronic pain.

Catherine L., Parry Sound, Ontario

An Ode to Qui Gong

Qigong is a such pleasant sport,

that gently helps us move,

Ron Hicks is our guide and mentor

who keeps us in the groove.

We stretch and bend, and stretch again

With creaking joints, and bones,

And Ron gives us the tools we need

To move safely around our homes.

Heather W., London, Ontario

Thanks to Ron’s Qigong classes, I’ve been able to appreciate the importance of healing. Having a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, it’s easy to get discouraged – it never goes away. Ron has been a very grounding presence and positive influence in my life. His classes have provided me with a sense of calm and have helped me to meet myself exactly where I’m at, with fewer judgments. 

Ali S., Toronto, Ontario


Qigong has been around for 5000 + years. It was created by the Taoists in conjunction with ancient Chinese medicine. There are numerous types of this Art including:

  • Medical Qigong – this is all about “healing” and trains students how to work with their energy ( Qi ) to increase health and well being. Many Qigong masters are also trained physicians, and they can use Qi to heal a patient directly… similar to Reiki therapy.
  • Buddhist/Taoist Qigong – to develop a “divine connection”, especially through the meditative aspects of the movements.
  • Tai Chi – is actually a subset of Qigong and combines with it to develop a strong, fast, powerful body. Originally, there was Tai Chi Chuan which was much like boxing. It has also developed as a gentle form to be used in well being.

I would like to see people learn Qigong first before attempting Tai Chi. Why? Well, I personally did Qigong first and found that it prepared me for learning Tai Chi later because I learned slow movement and working with Qi. Qigong is easier to learn because Tai Chi sets take longer and have many movements, e.g. the 108 set with 108 moves flowing into each other. Qigong takes much less space than Tai Chi. Qigong is designed for specific ailments of the body. For example, there are exercise for the lung…or the liver….or the eyes, etc. Also, it can produce great overall health for the entire body.