Although our organization name indicates our geographic location in London, Ontario, Canada, we welcome persons with fibromyalgia, 18 years and older, regardless of where you live and your gender, to join our organization as either a Resident or Virtual Member. Together, we can work to raise awareness about Fibromyalgia as a complex, chronic invisible illness, and advocate for greater inclusion and equity in federal, provincial or local legislations, policies and processes, to improve recognition and elevate our current quality of life.

Effective September 1, 2021, anyone wishing to participate in our programs and activities will need to be an active member of our organization. The membership fees have been lowered to a nominal amount of C$15.00|US$12 per year to support those who are facing financial hardship. Fees can be sent by e-transfer to, or by cheque, made payable to Fibromyalgia Support Network, and sent to 10 Bellrock Crescent, London, Ontario. Donations, in addition to the membership fee, will gratefully be received through the year!


If you are a person with fibromyalgia who is facing financial hardship, impoverished, or just dealing with a financial crisis, please let us know. Any private information you share will be kept confidential and is not shared. We are an inclusive community, and do want persons with fibromyalgia to get the emotional and peer support they need and are looking for through our organization. Just send us a note through our contact page, explaining the situation to us.

Membership fees (unless waived) will need to be paid before commencing your program or activity session/class.

Membership includes FREE membership for caregivers and family members and are encouraged to invite their caregivers (e.g. family members and loved ones) to participate in our programs and activities. Because we are not a registered charity, we, unfortunately, are unable to issue tax deductible receipts.

Members are expected to uphold the policies and procedures of Fibromyalgia Support Network [FSN]; maintain integrity, respect, decorum, and behave appropriately during meetings and FSN activities. Members can terminate their membership at any time, in writing, without full or partial refund of their member contribution amount. A member’s involvement with the FSN can be terminated immediately if he/she is found to be abusing the policies and procedures established by the Group; bullies/harasses another member; or uses defamatory language and behaviour towards another member(s} in meetings or online.

While the Leadership Team has decided to continue the online programs and activities as a permanent offering to members, effective September 1, 2022, we are resuming select programs to include in-person meetings, on a case by case basis. This is to accommodate Persons with Fibromyalgia who do not have internet/Wifi access, a computer device or know how to use it, are not comfortable using Zoom or just want to see their friends in person.


  1. Meet people who are going through a similar experience and journey as you, and who get it!
  2. Learn more about this complex, multi-systemic invisible illness/disability.
  3. Find out about resources, supports and services in your local community which can help you cope and live a healthy life.
  4. Add to your personal FM toolbox of aids to help you cope with flare-ups or daily living challenges.
  5. Volunteer opportunities which give y ou purpose and provide you with a way to give back to community.
  6. As a member of Fibromyalgia London Group, you will automatically receive email communications sent to us from national or provincial memberships/affiliations to which we belong. You will have access to shared information from these non-profit/charity organizations regarding government policies, systemic changes, and clinical trials and research that impact or benefit the FM/CFS community at all three levels of government.


Simply fill in the member application form below and then hit SUBMIT. All information you share here will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT BE SHARED. You will receive email notification of receipt and confirmation after your registration is processed. If you have membership questions or if you have problems completing the form, please contact .

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If you are unable to pay the membership fee, please let us know. We want all persons with FM, who are in search of peer support, to access our programs and activities. Please mail cheques to: Fibromyalgia Support Network, 10 Bellrock Crescent, London, Ontario N5V 4X3
Select all programs/activities for which you wish to register
Your annual membership includes your spouse, immediate family members and/or caregiver. The individual(s) you list here can participate with you in any of the program activities or special events, FREE.